Silo for Large Groups & Classrooms

Silo courses are flexible. They’re designed to fit nicely within any schedule, lifestyle, or educational approach. We believe that this flexibility, coupled with your own creativity makes the Silo Project an ideal approach to learning in many different capacities.

Because many people want to use Silo courses with larger groups or in a classroom setting, we have put together a pricing structure and some guidelines to enable you to do that for groups of 10 or more. Each setting will be unique, but we have also included some suggestions as to how Silo courses might work well for larger groups or in classrooms.

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How It Works

Silo courses are designed to be used with each individual or each group member logging in and working through the material. However, Silo courses can be easily adapted for larger groups or classroom settings. For a deeper experience, we recommend registering each group member for a Silo course, preferably using the Silo Small Groups option. This will give each student access to the course videos, discussion questions, and recommended reading. Each student can login and work through or review the material anywhere, anytime.

But some instructors will simply want to incorporate the videos from Silo courses into their own method of instruction for larger groups. In these cases, groups of 10 or more can take advantage of our Silo Large Group Pricing, which will give you a significant discount (75% or more).

Why the discount?

Our Large Group Pricing is available to groups of 10 or more  at this significant discount because this approach gives each student limited access to the course (the instructor will have full access to the course material). This approach is ideal for instructors who wish to take advantage of the video component of each Silo course and simply integrate these powerful teaching tools into their own instructional approach.

Note: Because Silo courses are only available through online streaming, you will need to have internet access in your teaching location. 


Because Silo Large Group Pricing provides students with a limited version of a given Silo course, our pricing for these situations gives a discount of 75% or more. Each price point listed below allows a given group to use the course material in a large group or classroom setting for one year. Additional discounts are given for institutions using multiple Silo courses within a given year. Keep in mind that this pricing structure applies only to groups of 10 or more.

  • For institutions using one Silo course, the cost is $5 per group member.

If your institution chooses to use more than one Silo course within one year:

  • The cost of your second course is $4 per group member.
  • The cost of your third course is $3 per group member.
  • The cost of your fourth course is $2 per group member.
  • The cost of each additional course is $1 per group member.

If you would like to get a quote on unlimited access to all of our Silo courses for your institution, contact us at

Terms of Use

Licensing a Silo course for use in a classroom setting is different than using a Silo course through individual or group registrations. The instructor will be able to login and access the course material at any time, but the students will not have direct access to the Silo course.

By licensing a Silo course, you are paying for the license to show the course videos to a set number of students. If the actual number of students viewing the course material increases significantly, please contact us to extend your license. We cannot offer refunds if you overestimate the number of students or if students do not show up to view the videos.

If the instructor wishes to use the material again for a second group of students, he or she must contact Silo for an extended license. Each instructor’s access to the Silo course(s) he or she has licensed will remain active for one year from the date of licensing. If you have questions on using Silo in your large group or classroom setting (or anything else related to Silo), please contact us at

Get Started

To license a Silo course for a large group or classroom setting (10 people or more), visit our licensing payment page. This page will guide you through a two step process of (1) getting an exact quote for your group and (2) purchasing your license.

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