The Gospel & Depression

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Course Description

Depression is all around us, more common than most of us imagine. It is also notoriously difficult to understand, and most of us feel inadequate to help the depressed people in our midst. This course is designed to help you understand what depression is, what it is like, what causes it, and how God can use you to walk with people who are experiencing some form of depression.

About the Instructor

D.Min., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.Div., The Master’s Seminary
B.A., Sociology/Religion, California Lutheran University

After four years of college ministry, Scott planted Shoreline Church in West Los Angeles along with Brian Colmery.

In 2011 Shoreline merged with First Baptist Church of West LA to form Cornerstone Church of West LA where Scott continues to love and live with the people he shepherds.

Scott’s passions include teaching, preaching, counseling, discipling, and reaching out to the lost in West LA.

Scott has been married to Lara since 2003 and has four children.

More than anything, he simply enjoys being with people, and getting to watch as the gospel transforms their (and his) lives.

Course Sessions

Session 1: Introduction


  1. By some estimates, 1 in 10 people struggle in some way with depression. In your own experience, does that number seem accurate?
  2. Why are relationships essential in truly understanding depression and helping people work through it?
  3. As Christians, how might we already be better equipped to help people who are struggling with depression than we realize?

Session 2: Defining Depression


  1. Why is it difficult to define depression?
  2. Why do we need to look deeper at each individual case than simply diagnosing a person with “depression”?
  3. How might using the broad term “depression” keep us from seeing some of Scripture’s answers to a person’s real problems?

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Additional Course Sessions (available in the full course)

Session 3: Describing Depression

Session 4: The Cultural Experience of Depression in the World

Session 5: The Cultural Experience of Depression in the Church

Session 6: Suffering, Sin, & Depression

Session 7: How Suffering Contributes to Depression

Session 8: How Sin Contributes to Depression

Session 9: The Heart & Our Emotions

Session 10: The Gospel & Suffering

Session 11: The Gospel & Sin

Session 12: Loving the Depressed

Session 13: Knowing the Depressed

Session 14: Serving the Depressed

Session 15: Speaking to the Depressed

Session 16: Training the Depressed in Righteousness, Part 1

Session 17: Training the Depressed in Righteousness, Part 2

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