The Pentateuch

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Below you will find the full outline of the Pentateuch course. You can start the course exactly as you would in the actual course—read the descriptions, watch the videos, and interact with the discussion questions. For the first two sessions, the only difference is that in the actual course you would be able to interact with other people from around the world or from your local church.

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Course Description

The Pentateuch is the first of three courses giving an overview of the Old Testament, and covers the first five books of the Old Testament. This series will better acquaint you with the message of the Old Testament and the part that each individual book plays in forming that message.


About the Instructor

Preston Sprinkle is a professor, speaker, and a New York Times bestselling author.

He earned a Ph.D. in New Testament from Aberdeen University in Scotland (2007), and he’s been a professor of theology at Cedarville University (OH), Nottingham University (England), and Eternity Bible College.

Preston is currently a full-time author, speaker, and teacher, though his dream in life is to become the next bass player for U2…or perhaps a professional surfer (neither of which he is very good at).

Course Sessions

Session 1: Introduction to the Pentateuch


  1. Why is it important to differentiate between the two types of writing in the Pentateuch (narrative and legal)?
  2. What should we expect to find in the narrative sections of the Pentateuch?
  3. What should we expect to find in the legal sections of the Pentateuch?

Session 2: Two Ways of Reading the Old Testament


  1. Why do you think we tend to read the Old Testament morally and see the characters as heroes to emulate?
  2. What does it mean to take a theological approach to reading the Old Testament?
  3. Why is it important that we read the Old Testament theologically rather than morally?

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Additional Course Sessions (available in the full course)

Session 3: Creation (Genesis 1–2)

Session 4: The Fall (Genesis 3–11)

Session 5: Abraham (Genesis 12–25)

Session 6: Jacob (Genesis 26–36)

Session 7: Joseph & Judah (Genesis 37–50)

Session 8: Redemption (Exodus 1–19)

Session 9: Covenant (Exodus 20–23)

Session 10: Tabernacle (Exodus 24–40)

Session 11: Key Themes in Leviticus (Leviticus, Part 1)

Session 12: Key Passages in Leviticus (Leviticus, Part 2)

Session 13: Theological Themes in Numbers (Numbers, Part 1)

Session 14: Key Passages in Numbers (Numbers, Part 2)

Session 15: The Big Picture of Deuteronomy

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