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Silo courses are flexible. They’re designed to fit nicely within any schedule, lifestyle, or educational approach. We believe that this flexibility, coupled with your own creativity makes the Silo Project an ideal approach to learning in many different capacities.

Because many people want to use Silo courses as small group studies, we have created simple guides that show you exactly how each Silo course can be effectively used in a small group setting. Each of these guides breaks the Silo course into six weekly sessions for small group study.

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How It Works

When you sign up for a Silo course, you are given a handful of options under the “Getting Started” section of the course. One of these options is for small groups. Simply click on that section and you will be directed to a page that explains how that course works as a small group study, and offers a pdf download that will guide you through your study.

Using the Small Group Guides

Each small group guide breaks a particular Silo course into six weekly sessions. Each weekly session includes:

  • An overview of that week’s discussion
  • Passages of Scripture to read and discuss
  • Silo video sessions to watch either before or during your weekly meeting
  • 8–10 discussion questions to guide you through the material

Download a sample small group guide here to get a feel for how these work.

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Get Started

To get your small group started on a Silo course, simply choose the course you want to study and register for it. We recommend that you select the “Create Your Own Group Class” option, since that is $20 per person (as opposed to $25) and it also allows your group to interact with only the other members of your group. The first person from your group to register creates the group, and then enters the email addresses of the other group members. The other group members then receive an invitation to join that group.


Pre-Pay for Group Registrations

If you’d like to pre-purchase registrations for your group members (i.e., pay up front so your group members don’t have to pay individually), you can do that here. Please allow a few days for us to process these pre-purchased registrations.


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