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The Silo Project offers solid teaching from the Bible in affordable, self-paced video courses that are both challenging and easy to understand. You can work through material on your own, with a group from your church, or with other people from around the world.  Access all of our courses for only $9.95 per month. Cancel at anytime. Subscribe here.

Learn at your own pace.

Each course consists of 12 to 15 sessions, and each session focuses on short videos that present key insights related to the subject matter of the course. This approach allows you to start and stop whenever you like and to cover as much or as little ground as you can spare at a given moment.  Subscribe here.

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Short & attractive videos.

The heart of these courses are short videos that can be watched, re-watched, and fit into any schedule. While the content of these videos will challenge your thinking, the length of the videos will not challenge your schedule or attention span. Each video is accompanied by optional discussion questions that will challenge you to think through the material.  Subscribe here.

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Challenging content.

Each course features Bible teaching directed at a specific subject. The Bible speaks clearly to every area of life and thought, and these courses will help you better understand the Bible and its implications. While many biblical concepts are deep, Silo courses present these truths in plain language, making even difficult subjects easier to understand and apply.  Subscribe here.

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Choose your level of interaction.

You can choose to work through this material in a self-paced course that allows you to interact as much or as little as you’d like. Or you can create your own class with your friends or a small group. The options are open, because everyone has a unique learning style. We also have suggestions on how to best use Silo courses in different contexts. To learn more about using Silo in small group settings or for large groups and classrooms, click the appropriate link below.  Subscribe here.

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Teachers you can trust.

All of our courses are taught by professors from Eternity Bible College. The material from these courses stems from careful study of Scripture as well as practical ministry involvement.  Subscribe here.

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