Introduction to Worldview

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Below you will find the full outline of the Introduction to Worldview course. You can start the course exactly as you would in the actual course—read the descriptions, watch the videos, and interact with the discussion questions. For the first two sessions, the only difference is that in the actual course you would be able to interact with other people from around the world or from your local church.

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Course Description

This course defines what a worldview is, explains why this concept is important, and will guide you in assessing your own worldview in light of the biblical worldview. Every human being has a worldview, and each person’s worldview affects the way we think, act, and believe. This course will teach you to identify worldviews in the people around you and help you understand the ways that the biblical story challenges and affirms our views of what the world is and how it works.

About the Instructor

M.Div., The Master’s Seminary
M.A., English, The Master’s College

Spencer MacCuish served on staff (summers) at Hume Lake Christian Camps from 1991-98. During that time (1995-99), he also worked in the public school system where he taught English / History and coached volleyball. While teaching, he also served in the College Ministry at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita. In 1999, he left teaching to lead the High School Ministry at the same church. He shepherded this ministry for three years before coming to Cornerstone. Currently, Spencer is serving as the President of Eternity Bible College. He has been serving at Eternity since 2003.

Spencer MacCuish

Course Sessions

Session 1: What Is a Worldview?


  1. What is a worldview and how does a worldview work?
  2. Why is it important to understand what a worldview is?

Session 2: The Importance of Story


  1. How are stories related to worldviews?
  2. Why does understanding a person’s story help us understand that person?
  3. What do the pictures you drew of a house, a family, and vehicle tell you about your worldview?

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Additional Course Sessions (available in the full course)

Session 3: Why Study Worldview?

Session 4: The American Story, Part 1

Session 5: The American Story, Part 2

Session 6: The American Story, Part 3

Session 7: The American Story, Part 4

Session 8: The American Story, Part 5

Session 9: The American Story, Part 6

Session 10: Learning Individual Stories

Session 11: The Biblical Story, Part 1

Session 12: The Biblical Story, Part 2

Session 13: Identity

Session 14: Knowledge

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